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We are glad that hard work and dedication to the "Art of Painting" has paid off with 17 years of success in residential and commercial painting. Take your time and learn more about us, as we continue to be house painters and business painters for the people of Norwich, Occum, Uncasville, Montville, Preston, Lisbon, Griswold, Franklin, Gales Ferry, Lebanon, Salem, Canterbury, Scotland, Jewett City, E. Lyme, Voluntown, Baltic, Ledyard, and beyond!

Painting contractors need a success story, we have one!

A Top professional painting contractor


Painting Contractors need to offer Free estimates and consultations in today's economy!

We quickly offer appointments to come by and go over with you the plans of your House painting or Business painting project. We will offer advice as needed and leave you with an estimate of cost the same day in most cases. Also if options are needed, things generally can be worked out as far as scheduling and other concerns. Many contracts we enter into start with no money down, and payments are made as progress is made.


A flexible and easy to work with Painting Contractor in New London County

On residential and commercial exterior painting jobs we generally start work around 8:00 am and finish around 4:00 pm. When home painting or business painting interiors, we can work around difficult schedules when needed; and generally accommodate most customers.


A Painting Contractor that follows through!

Joe Tamborra Painting Co. is a Painting Contractor that generally meets even the most stringent deadlines; unless complications arise with poor weather or extenuating circumstances. We do a final walk through with our clients, following our own inspection of work. Punch lists are not usually needed, because Joe and his crew have an attention to detail on residential and commercial interior and exterior workmanship.


Joe's journey in becoming a "master" painting contractor

Becoming a Top interior and exterior painting Professional

As a young man Joe was encouraged by his father to take an interest in sports and he played Little league baseball as a youth. Pitched a no hitter and a one hitter game, and made the All stars. Also He played organized football where he quarterbacked a team, and called his own plays. And for about a decade he shot pool and was able to play a game of straight pool pocketing 100 balls with only one miss. Joe has always been one that has had good hand eye coordination from a youth. Around the beginning of 1987 Joe began working for a Top professional painting company out of Montville Ct. and had his first experience as a painter, and he also worked for a Top firm out of Stonington where he was mentored by a Top pro. From there Joe went on to form Joe Tamborra Painting Co. in October of 2001. Being a young business owner he would almost always have a good Foreman, and hire competent professional painters. As a working owner Joe was exposed to Professional craftsmanship in many different facets of residential and commercial painting. After spending years going through the learning curb, Joe became a "Master" House painter and Business painter in his own right; not learning from a text book, but from the school of on the job training. Also holding a Bachelors education in Biblical studies, and being a follower of Jesus Christ; Joe takes a biblical approach in conducting business from start to finish. He still believes in following the "Golden rule" and treating people with integrity and proper respect as he deals with people from all walks of life.

Let Joe's years of experience benefit you next time you need a House painter or Business painter

Joe and his son Tyler make up the nucleus of Joe Tamborra Painting Co. Tyler has been mentored by Joe for about 9 years now, and is blossoming as a Top pro in his own right running jobs at times when Joe is out of town. Also Joe's youngest son Seth has begun to work alongside them. Joe continues to use several highly skilled sub-contractors  now for over a decade, in residential and commercial painting jobs. And he personally manages or works along side them to see that the highest quality is obtained in the workmanship.