Few painting contractors can match our interior painting!

Surface preparations, Master painters, Quality products

Good interior surface preparation makes all the difference in the world when trying to achieve the best possible paint job. With over 17 years of hands on experience in residential and commercial painting behind him, Joe has seen most all scenarios; and has become a Master painter as well as a trusted Mentor to others. Surfaces to be painted in general need to be clean, dull, and dry. This is achieved by wiping down of walls with a cleaning solution, holes are to be filled, cracks caulked or taped, sanding; and finally primed with a good quality interior primer. Joe has had good experiences with Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr Marquis. Also he has established relationships with distributors of these products that allow customers to save money on the high costs of paints. Joe does not endeavor to show profits from material costs, only labor. Ceilings are painted first in most cases, then trim, and finally walls cut in last. Being a Top Pro in his field, and his son Tyler (Foreman) have no need of the use of tape for sharp cut lines. Their years of experience have paid off giving them both the ability to produce high quality work in a timely manner. For interior and exterior painting Joe has found Sherwin Williams Emerald paint to be a very strong choice when cost is not an issue. Also quality brushes such as Corona or Purdy make painting go more smoothly. In addition the use of quality Purdy white dove naps create little to no over-spray from rollers. At least two finish coats are best when trying to gain the best results. Of course the use of drop clothes and plastic make our final clean up a breeze. Last but not least Joe and his team inspect the work; and Joe does a final walk through with homeowner or business owner. Punch lists are not generally needed, because Joe and Tyler have a keen eye for detail.


We are an exterior painting contractor that can handle it!

Power washing, surface preparations, and painting

Residential and commercial exterior painting should start with a quality power washing with the use of bleach or an adequate mildew cleaner. The power washing should be thorough, cleaning off all dirt, mold, and mildew; from the top to bottom of home or business. Several days should be allowed for adequate drying time before any paint is applied. Next step would be scraping loose paint and sanding as needed. Holes should be filled with wood filler, and cracks filled with a premium caulk. Larger problems in the wood should be addressed with a good carpenter, and new wood. Joe has developed lasting relationships with Top carpenters that he uses as sub-contractors when needed. He believes in specializing in a certain field, and not spreading himself to thin and Mastering nothing. All bare-wooded areas should be primed first with a good quality primer. In many cases Joe and his crew entirely hand brush the body and trim of homes and businesses. Many painting Contractors nowadays take a lot of short cuts and rely heavily on spraying paint. When paint is brushed on, it helps it to be pushed into the surfaces to an even greater degree; instead of just lying upon the surface. Precautions are taken to not damage the property of residential and commercial customers; with the use of drop cloths and plastic. Before a final inspection of the painting takes place, a walk around the job site is done to insure adequate cleaning of the job site is done. Finally Joe and the residential or commercial client do a final walk through, and inspection of all work. Punch lists are rarely needed seeing Joe and Tyler have years of experience.


A Norwich Painting business that does more than just paint!

Power washing, Drywall repair and installation, Carpentry, Staining, Wallpapering, Home Improvement

We power wash homes, businesses, decks, sidewalks, and lawn furniture. Power washing although it can be learned in a day, it takes time to Master. As in painting, one must be thorough and have good technique; especially when washing siding. Siding could be easily ruined by inexperienced workers, or not be adequately cleaned. Some Painting Contractors will power wash roofs also; Joe Tamborra Painting Co. does not  believe in the washing of roofs; feeling it may do more harm than good.

We at times take on smaller drywall projects when needed. And Joe's years of experience in the trades have brought him into relationships with other Pro's in different trades. We also have excellent taping and repair skills here at Joe Tamborra Painting Co. So drywall and plaster repairs are mostly handled in house.

Generally on an exterior painting jobs there are a few boards that need replacing before painting. Minor carpentry items are frequently handled in house. Also Joe and his team are experts in repairs to wood, with wood filler and caulking. 

Residential and commercial staining for us is as easy as painting. We have stained many businesses, homes, and decks through the years; and have many satisfied customers.

Joe and his crew are experts in wallpaper removal. Also following removal of wallpaper, glue is washed from walls, as well as repairs done. Then walls are sanded and sized for  installation of new wallpaper.  

We also restore old windows with re- glazing. Remove old windows and doors, and install new. Take on small tiling jobs, and smaller remodeling jobs.